Supa-Fix Adhesive & Filling Powders

The Ultra Strength Adhesive Test!

To prove the strength of Supa-Fix APX4 adhesive we bonded a piece of elasticated rubber together. Let it set for 7 seconds and then lift 25kg of water.

How To Fill A Hole with Supafix APX4.

If you can get to the rear of the hole you want to fill then simply tape over the back of the hole with an adhesive tape. Then fill the hole with Supa-Fix filling powder and apply a few drops of ultra-strength Supa-Fix adhesive provided. This will set solid in a matter of seconds. Peel off the tape and you’re done.

How to fill a hole which you are unable to get to the back of.

It’s not always going to be possible to get to the back of the hole to stop the filling powder from just falling through. Do not worry there is an easy solution to this problem! The best way to fill a hole you are unable to get to the back of is to use tissue paper. Simply bung the hole with tissue paper. Add a few drops of Supa-Fix adhesive onto the tissue paper. Then pour some Supa-Fix black or grey filling powder over the solidified tissue and a few more drops of Supa-Fix adhesive onto the powder to repair the hole.

"Never seen a product like this before.
I purchased this to repair a few items around the house. I was actually shocked at how when the adhesive touched the powder it set like concrete in seconds. A+ Product!"

John Robinson

How To Fill & Tap with Supa-Fix.

What can you do with Supa-Fix?

Supa-Fix can be used just like traditional superglue but when combining the filling powders provided Supa-Fix will do what Superglue won’t.

Supa-Fix can fill a hole or a crack in seconds leaving a rock hard concrete like finish. Supa-Fix can then be ground, filed or sanded down for a smooth finish. Once smoothed Supa-Fix can then be painted over with any type of paint even water based paint.

Supa-Fix is so strong that you can drill into it without breaking the bond. You can screw into Supa-Fix without breaking the bond. There is nothing worse than a screw which is unable to be tightened! But what do you do?

Firstly fill the hole with either the Black or Grey filling powder provided. Push the screw into the powder with your finger until it is sat within the powder. Apply a few drops of Supa-Fix adhesive on to the powder around the screw. Supa-Fix will set around the screw rock hard in seconds. Using a screwdriver undo the screw by turning anticlockwise which will leave the thread pattern embedded in Supa-Fix. You can then screw into Supa-Fix for a really tight fixing.

What material will Supa-Fix bond or repair?

Supa-Fix is an industrial strength adhesive so will bond and repair all of the following materials and more!

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Tiles
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Fabrics

What material will Supa-Fix bond or repair?

Supa-Fix can be used to repair the following and much more:

  • Home Furniture
  • Motorbikes (Faring’s, Indicators, Panels)
  • Car (Bodywork, Indicator Lens, Interior Broken Parts)
  • Garden (Table & Chairs, Bird Feeder, Security Lights, Lawnmower, Strimmer)
  • Electronics (Hair Straighteners, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Computers)
  • Figurines (RC Cars, RC Planes, Train Sets, Warhammer)
  • Clothing (Shoes, Belts, Handbags)

How long will Supa-Fix last?

Like all Cyanoacrylates for sale in the world today they all have a shelf life. Supa-Fix ultra-strength adhesive has a 12 month shelf life. On the other hand, both Supa-Fix Black & Grey filling powders are chemically inert meaning an infinite shelf life.

Tips & Tricks!

Tip: Apply a little water on the material before applying Supa-Fix adhesive.
Why: Supa-Fix is such a high concentrate cyanoacrylate which cures with moisture so a little H20 speeds up the curing time.

Tip: Keep Supa-Fix adhesive in a cool environment. You can even store Supa-Fix in a refrigerator to prolong its lifespan.
Why: The cooler the environment the longer Supa-Fix adhesive will last.

Things to know!

Supa-Fix Black & Grey filling powders should only ever be used in conjunction with Supa-Fix ultra-strength adhesive. Using a standard superglue or adhesive with the filling powders could result in the product being defective and not working as it should. When Supa-Fix adhesive is applied onto the filling powders provided an exothermic reaction takes place. Supa-Fix will get hot when curing and will set much faster than standard superglue so will set skin and eyes in seconds!

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